Meeting with LegCo members on Direct Access
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Another chance for the “MCPD Express” by HKPU!!!
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Annual subscription payment for 'MCPD Express' Scheme
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Public News
News Article - am730 (27 Nov 2023)
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Online Membership Application
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「誰是不倒翁?」Fall Risk and Sarcopenia Screening Day (Highlights)
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Launching of New Homepage
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Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Scheme
HKPU AGM 2023 cum Physiotherapy Joint Forum on 'Direct Access Dream' (Highlights)
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Public News
News Programme - RTHK's morning news (10 Mar 2023)
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Public News
News Article - The Standard (9 Mar 2023)
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Public News
News Article - Sing Tao Daily (9 Mar 2023)
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Public News
News Article - Bastille Post (9 Mar 2023)
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Public News
News Programme - i-Cable (9 Mar 2023)
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Public News
News Programme - Commercial Radio (9 Mar 2023)
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Public News
News Article - (9 Mar 2023)
Sports Hub Webinar on Post-Marathon Care (Highlights)
Community-based Physical and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program to the Elderly Recovered from COVID-19 (Highlights)
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Public News
News Article - Hone Kong Commercial Daily (3 Feb 2023)
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Public News
Radio Programme - 千禧年代 (10 Jan 2023)
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Public News
News Article - Oriental Daily (9 Jan 2023)
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Public News
News Article - am730 (8 Jan 2023)

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