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Before the set-up of Hong Kong Physiotherapists’Union (HKPU) in 1991

  • The Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servant’s Association (HKCCSA) with adivision named as “Physiotherapist branch-Schedule I” was the only organization attending the employee benefits namely the salary scale, terms of employment and welfare for physiotherapists working in Government settings.
  • Physiotherapists working in Sub-vented Hospitals, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), are grouped as “Physiotherapist branch-Schedule II” getting no membership and support from HKCCSA.
  • In 1991, in view of this undesirable situation, a group of physiotherapists from both Schedule I and II settings initiated to set up the Hong Kong Physiotherapists’ Union (HKPU) as a specific professional body to support the professional peers who were not eligible to join the HKCCSA.

Structure & Composition

  • Hong Kong Physiotherapists’ Union (HKPU) is a legal organization registered under the Registry of Trade Unions.
  • HKPU is governed by Union Laws and HKPU Rules.

The Executive Committee

  • Composed of at least 4 persons including the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer and the Secretary.
  • Additional Executive Committee members can be added according to the operational needs and should be endorsed by the Executive Committee members.
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Registered physiotherapists in Hong Kong from all settings

  1. Public Hospitals of Hospital Authority
  2. Government Organizations, s.a.D.H., S.W.D., L.D., E.B., H.B.
  3. Non-Government Organizations
  4. Private Hospitals
  5. Private Clinics
  6. Academic Institutes
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Our Vision Our Mission


Easy Access to Quality Physiotherapy for Optimisation of Health and Well-being.


Promote the Unity of Physiotherapists for Professional Excellence


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To secure the complete organization in the Union of all employees

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To promote and to protect the professional status

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To safeguard the professional interests and rights of members

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To promote welfare to members


Service Objectives of the Union:

  1. To foster co-operation of physiotherapists working in different organizations.
  2. To promote and to protect the professional status, and to safeguard the professional interests and rights of the Union members.
  3. To regulate relations and to settle dispute between members and employers, between members and other employees by amicable and conciliatory means.
  4. To be concerned width and to participate in the community affairs affecting the interests of the public and the members of the Union.
  5. To promote legislation in the interests of professional advancement for the well-being of public health.
  6. To maintain and improve the conditions of physiotherapy employment including the reasonable rates of wages, hours of work and other conditions of employment, and generally to protect the interests of member.
  7. To negotiate wages, work rules, complaint procedures, rules governing hiring and firing, promotion of workers, workplace safety and policies.
  8. To promote generally the material, cultural, social, educational and recreational welfare of the members.
  9. To upkeep the standards of physiotherapy practice in various settings.
  10. To organize educational activities or trainings which may be thought to be desirable for the promotion of standards, benefits and rights of the physiotherapy profession.
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Board & Advisors

HKPU Executive Committee Members List 2022-2023

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Mrs Eleanor CHAN 陳黃怡

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(External Affair)

Dr Man CHUNG 鍾惠文

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(Internal Affair)

Mr Kenneth AU-YEUNG 歐陽健

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General Secretary

Mr Andy YU 余智豪

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Financial Secretary

Mr Hagus CHEUNG 張偉文

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Membership Secretary

Ms Yvonne LAM 林寶

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Professional Development Officer

Dr Chad CHAN 陳穎雅

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Professional Development Officer

Dr Tiffany CHOI 蔡靜雯

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Information Technology Director

Dr Derek YAU 丘經緯

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Committee Member

Mr George WONG 黃國昌

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Committee Member

Mr Quentin YAU 邱啟政

Honorary Advisors

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Honorary Accountant
Mr Brian TSO

Mr Tso is currently practising member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”), fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (“FCCA”), member of The Society Of Chinese Accountants and Auditors (“MSCA”), fellow member of the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (“FTIHK”), member of Hong Kong Institute of Directors (“MHKIoD”), associate member of Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (“AICS”) and Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (“ACS”).

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Honorary Legal Advisor
Mr Patrick HUI
Solicitor Advocate, China-Appointed Attesting Officer, Accredited Mediator, Committee Member of Civil Litigation Committee and Higher Rights of Audience Committee of The Law Society of Hong Kong

Mr Hui has been practising civil and criminal litigation for over 15 years. He handled various large-scale and complicated civil proceedings of public interest such as instituting a High Court Action in 2010 against a group of over 300 Defendants in total. He also has experience of handling cases on professional conduct in hearing of The Nursing Council of Hong Kong. In 2014, Mr. Hui was accredited as Solicitor Advocate with higher rights of audience in respect of civil proceedings. Recently, he has been appointed as a Clerk to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. Mr. Hui is currently a partner of Messrs. Kenneth Sit.

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Honorary Legal Advisor
Mr Raymond AU YEUNG
Solicitor and Civil Celebrant

Mr Au Yeung is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong with Degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 1990. He has started his practise as a solicitor in 1992 and has gained extensive experience in the field. Mr. Au Yeung mainly engaged in general civil litigation, employee compensation case, personal injuries claim, conveyancing and all kinds of property transaction, probate and wills, commercial agreements and matrimonial causes. With his qualification as a popular civil celebtant since 2008, he has performed around 800 weddings up to the present moment.

Professional Advisors


Prof Arron LEUNG
Professor of Practice, School of Health Sciences, Caritas Institute of Higher Education


Prof Grace SZETO
Professor, School of Medical and Health Sciences, Tung Wah College


Prof William TSANG
Associate Dean (Quality Assurance and Enhancement), Department Head cum Professor, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Past Chairman/Chairlady (1991 to 2012) and President (2013 to 2023)


Ms Rainbow LAW


Mr Peter LO


Mr Ronald LEE


Ms Rosa MA








Mr Siu On LAU


Mrs Eleanor CHAN