Online Membership Registration

Our 'Online Membership' platform is launched. We welcome our existing members to use our online membership application/renewal form ( for Online Membership Account Registration and update your information.

We welcome all 'Life Members', 'Full Members' and 'Student Affiliates' to register the online account if you do not apply or renew your membership via the 'Online application form' before (**Please do not repeat registering if you have already submitted the online application form). You may follow the 'Step-to-Step guide' for details.

After our approval, you may receive the login information and access your own membership dashboard to view your 'e-Membership card'. Please note we will not issue membership card (hard copy) anymore. You can retrieve your 'e-Membership card' from now on after logging in your own membership dashboard but you are required to register your online membership account first before you could access your membership dashboard.

Please give us any feedback ( if you encounter any problems when registering the online membership. We value any feedback. Thank you.

We also welcome any colleagues who would like to apply/renew your membership (Types of membership) in 2024 by the online membership application form (Link). Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please note the online membership registration/application process will take at least 4 weeks for verification and approval. Thank you for your patience.

Stay tuned to us and check the updated news!