Online Membership Registration

Our 'Online Membership' platform is going to launch in a trial run base. We welcome our existing members to use our online membership application/renewal form ( for online membership registration and update your information.

In the first stage (Feb-Mar 2024), we welcome all 'Full Members' to register the online account if you do not apply or renew your membership via the online application form before. You may follow the 'Step-to-Step guide' for details. Please give us any feedback ( if you encounter any problems when registering the online membership. We value any feedback. Thank you.

For our 'Life Members', the tentative schedule would be 2Q 2024. We will announce the arrangement later. Stay tuned to us for the latest announcement on the online membership account.

We also welcome any colleagues who would like to apply/renew our membership in 2024 by the online membership application form (Link). Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please note the online membership registration/application process will take at least 4 weeks for verification and approval.

Remarks: Current membership application by post is still available in the meantime. If you have any problem in the online membership application, you may download the ‘Membership application form’ on our website (Link) and submit your application to our postal address. We apologise for any inconvenience brought. For enquiry on membership matter, please contact us via email (