Another Chance for the “MCPD EXPRESS” by HKPU!!!

'MCPD Express' Scheme

Due to the overwhelming response to the “MCPD Express” scheme, Hong Kong Physiotherapists’ Union (HKPU) decided to offer second batch of registrants who have missed the first batch of enrolment and want to join the group registration for the 2 online platforms, Physio Plus and Physio Network as stated.

Any new applicant, you must,
(1) be a HKPU Life member or a valid Full member for 2024
(2) complete the following registration form (
(3) submit the annual subscription fee of HK$1000 to our bank account (HSBC: 600-392096-001, under the name of Hong Kong Physiotherapists’ Union) on or before 15th December, 2023
(4) send us your payment record (photo of transaction receipt OR screen capture for internet banking, with your Name, HKPU no. and phone no.) to our WhatsApp (+852 9565 3294)

Only valid (2024) HKPU members are privileged to register for the enrolment of these bundled online platforms, Physio Plus and Physio Network with considerable discount (at $1000 only). For details of the scheme, please refer to the Attached document. If you have any enquiry, please send your enquiry to:

**If you would like to subscribe for the scheme but you are not our member yet, we suggest you to join us immediately by the online application ( After completing your online membership application, please send your name and email (Remarks: MCPD Express subscription) to our Whatsapp (+852 9565 3294) for notification. Please mark down 'Application submitted' at the 'HKPU membership number' section of the online registration form of 'MCPD Express' scheme ( As long as your you have notified us via Whatsapp with membership payment validated, you are qualified to apply 'MCPD Express' scheme as stated!!!