Course announcement: Mindfulness Workshop for Physiotherapists

Mindfulness Workshop for Physiotherapists


“People long for a genuine connection with others.  As therapists, it is only through connecting with our patients that we can offer what they really need to regain health.  In mindfulness, we become more in touch – with ourselves and the world at large.” 

Session One(1 hour 10 min)Introducing Mindfulness

In this PowerPoint presentation, the speaker will explain what is ‘mindfulness’ and give an overview on the workings of the mind.  The talk aims to show how mindfulness practice could enhance the practice of physiotherapists in the process of clinical diagnosis and delivering treatments to their clients.  Mindfulness could become one’s tool and best companion as it is a bridge to a healthier and more balanced way of life – both for healthcare professionals and the general public. The talk will also include recent neuroscience research on neuroplasticity and the possibilities of transforming the mind.  The final focus of the presentation will be on the techniques of dealing with disturbing emotions like stress and anxiety.  An experiential session of guided meditations will follow with an introduction to various meditation techniques.  


Session Two(1 hour 30 min)Guided Meditations

This is a practical session in which participants will experience a number of meditation techniques.  The rationale behind the techniques will be explained with guided meditations.  A “Q and A” session will follow the practice and the speaker will conclude the workshop by giving further advice on practicing meditation at home or in the workplace. 


Speaker:            Dr. Eliza Lau, 

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Master of Buddhist Studies, B. Sc. (Physical Therapy),Diploma in Drama and Acting


Date :         Jun  22th  2019 (Saturday)

Time :         3:00pm – 6:00pm

Venue :       Physiotherapy Department, Tung Wah College

Fee:             HK$ 200  for HKPU members

                      (one member can bring his/her couple to join for free)

                    HK$600for Non-HKPU members

CPD:           3points                                              CPD Code PC1180004

Capacity   Max. 30 participants (on first come first served basis)

Deadline of application :    8th Jun, 2019

Application form (Docx):