- Course Announcement - Sports Hub Webinar

HKPU Sports Hub Webinar - Post-Marathon Care

Date: 27th February 2023

Time: 20:00 - 21:30
Theme: Post-Marathon Care

1. Dr. John WONG (Cardiologist) 
    - Management of cardiac and other medical issues during Marathon- experience sharing from AMS senior cardiologist
2. Dr. Jacky CHAN (Cardiologist) 
    - Cardiovascular damages related to excessive endurance exercise- permanent or reversible?
3. Ms. Edith LUI (Senior Physiotherapist, Hong Kong Metropolitan University Physiotherapy Centre) 
    - Physiotherapy management for marathon runners
4. Mr. Jacky LEUNG (Sports physiotherapist) 

    - Recovery strategies for marathon runners

Moderators: Dr. Man CHUNG / Dr. Gary MAK

Participants: HKPU members

Fee: Free of charge

CPD point: 1.5

Please apply online via the link (https://forms.gle/9wfprraNyS1fxURv7or QR code

Application deadline: 24th February 2023 (12:00, noon)