- Members News - Reminder for Membership Renewal

Dear HKPU current full members,

This is a reminder for our current FULL members to renew your membership. You may renew using the form under the 'Membership - Membership Application' session or process via the 'Online application form' (http://hkpu.org/index.php/Membership/register/type/MR.html). You may then send the completed form to P.O. Box 889, GPO, Central, Hong Kong, together with a crossed cheque payable to ‘Hong Kong Physiotherapists’ Union’. Members may also settle the renewal fee with a payment receipt (or capture of the payment screen for internet banking), then whatsapp to us at 95653294.

May we also take this opportunity to encourage you all to join as the ‘LIFE member’ of HKPU with the benefits of auto membership renewal annually and lifelong enjoyment of existing and upcoming membership benefits. Many thanks! 

Yours sincerely,