Course info: Certificate course in acupuncture for physiotherapist by AIMS integrated Medical Centre

Dear members of HKPU,

We are happy to announce the Certificatecourse in acupuncture for physiotherapists by AIMS integrated Medical Centre inSept. HKPU members are offered with 10% discount on the course fee. Details asfollow:

This course aims to provide in-depth acupuncture training for physiotherapists.It includes theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Acupuncture andclinical practice in Hong Kong. Treatment of various clinical conditionscommonly encountered by physiotherapists will be emphasized.

* For accreditation by HKPA, 80% ofattendance, pass of all written and practical examinations and completedclinical practice are required.

** Accreditated physiotherapists forrefreshing acupuncture application and techinques are also welcome.

Instructor: Wong Kam Wah Alex

Registered Physiotherapist
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner

HKPU Professional Diploma in Physiotherapy

HKBU Master of Chinese Medicine ( Acupuncture )

HKBU Bachelor of Chinese Medicine

HKBU Professional Diploma in Acupuncture

Date & Time:

From:1/9/2021 commences, for ~ 6 months

Mondays & Wednesdays (except PublicHolidays ) 19:00-21:00

Venue:701, 7/F, Austin Plaza, 83 AustinRoad, Kowloon

AIMS Integrated Medical Centre


*Full course -HK$ 24,000 (early bird HK$22,000 before 18/8/2021)

**Refresher course –HK$22,000 (earlybird HK$ 20,000 before 18/8/2021)

***10%off to all HKPU members

Deadline of application:25/8/2021

Enquiry & Application: please call 2392-8832

or email:

Application form can be downloaded fromour website

Course reference no: Ac20210901

HKPACPD Points: 15