Service Objectives of the Union:

1 To foster co-operation of physiotherapists working in different organizations.

2 To promote and to protect the professional status, and to safeguard the professional interests and rights of the Union members.

3 To regulate relations and to settle dispute between members and employers, between members and other employees by amicable and conciliatory means.

4 To be concerned width and to participate in the community affairs affecting the interests of the public and the members of the Union.

5 To promote legislation in the interests of professional advancement for the well-being of public health.

6 To maintain and improve the conditions of physiotherapy employment including the reasonable rates of wages, hours of work and other conditions of employment, and generally to protect the interests of member.

7 To negotiate wages, work rules, complaint procedures, rules governing hiring and firing, promotion of workers, workplace safety and policies.

8 To promote generally the material, cultural, social, educational and recreational welfare of the members.

9 To upkeep the standards of physiotherapy practice in various settings.

10 To organize educational activities or trainings which may be thought to be desirable for the promotion of standards, benefits and rights of the physiotherapy profession.